This life…


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As I sit and wait for a cake to be done in the oven, I look outside the windows of my home and ask myself: Why is this life so complicated?

Everyday we wake up early, get ready for work, try to do our best with our co-workers, we try to have some free time to enjoy the company of our friends, we have to clean the house, we have to fix something, we have to meet up with someone, we have, we have, we have!!!

I wonder if it was easier in the past where nothing existed; just us and nature.  Waking up early to go and take care of the crops, the animals, the farm… I don’t know, something like that.  Why did things have to change?  Couldn’t they stay like the times of Adam and Eve?  Just them with paradise.  What happened with our paradise?

It got filled with technology, science, creations and all that bullshit that made life so complicated and hectic.  I really would like to live in that era where everything is simple. A life where we all love and care for each other, a life filled with piece.  A life where we take care of our lands because it’s the only home we’ve got and it’s the only thing we can eat from.  Take care and love our animals; small and big, scary or not, because even though we can eat them, it doesn’t mean we can hurt them.  God is probably ashamed of what we’ve done with everything.  How we’ve exploited this planet and gift to us.  What a tragedy we are.

I wish it was that simple…I truly wish.


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