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So I just realized I love making lists.  With them I feel organized and like nothing will slip my mind.  I kind of forget stuff and if I don’t write them down at the moment I think about them, I will forget it forever lol. So I find myself making lists for every aspect of my life.

Recently I got a notebook just for lists specially to do things or ideas I get while falling asleep.  Also if my day is full of activities I make a list the night before of everything I have to do and in order of time and place; I even make my grocery list and organize it into sections of the store.  I am now making a list of places I want to visit.  You’re welcome to share your lists with me.  Enjoy!

Places I want to visit:

Tokyo, Japan

Montana, USA

Napa Valley, California, USA

See the Aurora Borealis


Machinack Island, Michigan

To be continued…


Things I would do if I won the lottery or have enough money:

*Have my own Bed and breakfast or home organizing business

*Build a house with pool and other fun amenities

*Renovate my present home and rent to others or keep it for backup


*Save for retirement

*Save for emergencies or other unexpected events

*Buy whatever I need or want

*Make Donations/ Gifts

*Pay Bills

*Pimp/fix my car (I love it) or buy a new one

To be continued…


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