I’m really getting old

I’m 29 and a half and I just realized I’m really getting old.

And I say this not just because of my age, but because of my age, but because I’ve noticed that I’ve started doing some things lately which I didn’t do before at young age.

These are:

* Going to bed early:  Now every night I get sleepy around 10, so most of the time I’m in bed by 10:30p.m.  Before, I used to go to bed around 12.

*Wake up early:  Because I go to bed early, I wake up early.  Even if I try to stay in bed and get sleepy again, I’m always up by 9:00 a.m. on days off.  I could get a nap later in the afternoon if I feel tired.

*Breakfast:  I like to sit down and eat my breakfast calmly.  I enjoy making myself a nice breakfast with coffee, oats and eggs.  I savor the food and enjoy that “me” time.

*I’v started doing word puzzles:  Don’t go watch tv or play with the phone, but instead I do word puzzles; a page daily.  I also enjoy silence and tranquility.  Most of the time I have the tv turned on but it’s on mute while I do something else.

*Blogs:  I’ve been writing blogs.  I enjoy writing in the computer and writing everything I have in mind, which I often think about before going to bed.

*I enjoy cleaning the house and having it in order:  There’s nothing more satisfying to me that to have a clean home and everything is organized.  Not too much clutter and everything has a place.

*Clean eating:  Recently I’ve decided to lose weight and watch my health, so I’ve cut back on junk food or fast food.  I’m trying to drink more water and have a cup of green tea before going to bed, and eating more veggies and eliminating carbs.

To be continued…


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