How I organize my life based on daily routines


So I like to be organized and have everything around me in order. That’s why I’ve kind of established some daily routines to go by and keep up with everything or almost everything at home. I’m writing down these routines the way they fit my lifestyle and work schedules; you can always modify to fit your lifestyle as well. I hope these tips can help you get organized as well. Keep reading if you’re interested.

Sunday: Getting ready for another week

I usually work on Sundays and get out around noon. As soon as I get out or after visiting a family member or getting lunch, I head straight to the supermarket. I like to go to the supermarket on this day because by the time I arrive at the store, people are still waking up at home and it’s not too crowded.

You can assign a grocery shopping day and try to get everything you need on that day or if you need to shop for personal items such as clothes, go for that first and then get your groceries.

I park next to the cart storage in the middle of the parking lot so that when I’m done putting away my groceries in my car I leave the cart right next to me literally for the employees to get them later. I have to walk a little back and forth but It’s worth it.

I also have my grocery list ready a week in advanced because daily I write down whatever I need or run out of. So I have my list ready with me and I’ve also divided the list into sections. If you know by memory where each item in the store is, dividing them into sections helps you get them quicker. I divide my grocery list into 4 sections: a. fruits, veggies and meats. b. center isles c. cleaning products/personal hygiene d. eggs, ham, cheese, milk, bread.

NOTE: This of course is the way my supermarket is organized and I already know in what order the stuff I need is. This helps me get the items quicker and get exactly what I need and not go over budget which is min $40 and max $60 per week. I you make a weekly menu, you only get the items you need for those meals and some extra things that are always a must to have.

While I’m shopping, in the cart I have 3 collapsible boxes(you can find them at Wal-Mart for around $5.00 each) and I put items together using one box for soft or fragile products such as the eggs, cereal or bread, another box for more heavy items like mason jars, cans, boxes, and another box for the fruits and veggies. As for the cold items like milk, meats, ham and cheese I leave them in a corner of the cart and place them in a reusable bag later. .By now you may think I have OCD but trust me it helps a lot. NOTE: supermarkets where I live are implementing reusable bags now and are trying to get rid of plastic bags.

While the cashier is scanning the items, I’m already on the other side, packing things up quickly. Same way they went into the boxes, same way I put them back in. I pay and I’m out.

When I get home, I unpack the items and put them away; fold my collapsible boxes and put them back in my car next time I go out of the house.

If I bought meat, I take them out of the package and portion them for use later in the week. I use little sandwich bags that fold on the top or zip lock bags and I store them in the freezer. You can leave meats in the fridge to defrost 24 hours before meal prep.

Clean the fridge and freezer on Saturday, organize it, throw stuff away or leave the leftovers for Sunday’s lunch or dinner; organize the pantry and that way you just put the items in and that’s it. Remember FIFO: first in, first out. Rotate items.

If I get fresh bananas, kiwi and strawberries, I cut them in small pieces and place them in bags and store them in freezer to use them later for smoothies. Doing these things immediately saves you time later and you get out of this “chore” quickly.

Coming up next…. Organize your Monday.


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