Monday Routine


Monday Routine

On Monday’s I have to be up by 5 am and out of the house by 6:30 to get to my job at 7. If I wake up late or by 6 I have my clothes picked out from the night before and the only thing I have to do is take a quick shower, get dressed and head out. If I’m taking lunch with me or a snack, I leave it ready the night before as well in the fridge to grab it in the morning. If I have to take anything else with me, I write down a note and leave it on top of my purse so I see it first thing before leaving.

I also take out the kitchen trash with me if there’s any. Monday is also my laundry day so when I get home, the first thing I do is feed the dogs and then drop the clothes in the washing machine and hang it later. You can hang your towels to air dry after every shower and this makes it possible for you to reuse them for at least 3 days or even a week. It helps to eliminate having piles of towels to wash; you just have to get used to doing the same things all the time.

I mention air drying clothes because I don’t have a dryer and also it’s a cheap way to dry your clothes out in the sun and save money on the electric bill.

Monday is my “refresh” day and this is because I change my bed sheets, take out all the trash, change towels, clean the bathrooms and do a quick sweep. I sweep the backyard terrace everyday to keep it clear of leaves or dirt. I might do deep cleaning later in the week depending on what needs attention.

So Remember:

*Have your school or work clothes ready for the next day. Figure out what you want to wear or what you need for the day.

*Set aside lunch or snacks in to-go containers or zip lock bags to grab in the morning.

*Write notes and leave it on top of purse or backpack to remember things. Don’t put them on the fridge with a magnet, cause if you’re running late and forget to walk to the fridge, you’re going to forget your list. Trust me. I forget.

*If you can, stay in your work clothes or school clothes and try to do some chores like feeding pets or starting the laundry or dinner before you get comfy and start feeling lazy. For me, staying in my work clothes keeps me active.

*Hang clothes in the sun so you can save on electricity.

*Establish a laundry day along with “refresh day”:

A) Change towels, bed sheets

B) You can take out the trash once a week. kitchen trash everyday if necessary. Clean bathrooms once a week or every 3 days.

C)Sweep, mop, or vacuum. You can sweep everyday to keep the floor looking clean.

D) Dust furniture, artwork, ceiling light fixtures, ceiling fans, window frames, door frames…basically anything that gets dust on it.

E) Refill/replace items. This for me would be charging my laptop or my tablet while I do my chores, replacing my flowers, refilling my Qtip mason jar or cotton balls mason jar, etc.

NOTE: All of this is from a single person perspective. If you’re married and have children that’s another story. You can establish the same organization habits. Just prepare everybody’s lunch or snacks all together as well as clothes for school or daycare; and refresh the kids’ room.


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