Tuesday…Yay or Nay?

Tuesday…Yay or Nay?


Tuesday’s my payday. Hooray! On this day I can either have off or work. If I’m off I just sleep in, relax, have breakfast and later in the afternoon I go to my job and get my check and cash it. If I have to work, I cash my check after work.

I always make a list of bills I have to pay, savings and stuff to buy (not groceries) that I need to cover for the week that I get paid. So while I’m at that bank cashing my check, I pay the bills that are due that week and make deposits, etc.

I like making lists. I have lists for everything. I like calendars and agendas. Writing everything down, stuff to do, stuff to buy, appointments etc.

When I’m done at the bank I sometimes go to the mall, get whatever I need, maybe get me a treat for lunch and then go home.

At home I fold the laundry that I hanged the day before to air dry and put it away. (Towels, sheets, clothes, etc.)


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