So Wednesday is kind of a boring day. I really don’t do much. I might do a “refresh” again. Check the trash, if there’s anything extra to be washed. Check the bathrooms and sweep the floor.

I do have some thing I would like to share; you might say suggestions:

* I try to be as organized as posible and I believe the trick is to HAVE A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING AND EVERYTHING IN IT’S PLACE. SIMPLE. If you have a place for things, use them and put them back in the same spot. You wont be all crazy searching for something when you need it the most.

*Do things or chores as quickly as possible, so that you can later relax all you want. The sooner you do it, the sooner you’re done with it.

* Make the bed as soon as you wake up.

*If you’re gonna redo, decorate, renovate, clean all your house, do ONE room at a time. And while you’re at it, try to categorize items into a) recycling b) use/keep and c)trash. Start with the trash and then with patience take care of the rest. Have boxes for the recycled items or donations and whatever you keep, clean it, spray paint it, fix, repair, make it preetier.

*When you get mail. Open it and classify it immediately. I put the bills on a clipboard in order of due date and I also write it down in my easy erase calendar and I have an extra calendar hanging with all the other months. If you get a package, recicle the box or use it to organize items in the house. Don’t let the box lay around for a month. Same as with emails: READ, CLASSIFY OR DELETE. Don’t let your inbox get to a 2,335 emails.. Yeez!

*Avoid clutter in the house. Everynight before bedtime pickup whatever is lying around in the house. Again, if you have a place for everything, when you’re done, you should be able to put them back in the same place with ease. You can declutter every month if you want. Remember one room at a time and divide between trash, recycle/donate or keep.

*I like using white towels and white bed sheets. They look clean and fresh. Can pair with an accent color for the comforter or quilt, an accent pillow or throw blanket.

*If you have a dishwasher, clear it before you go to bed.

*Do house projects or deep cleaning during the weekend if you’re off from work. Start early, do one room per weeked, one or two project per weekend. Get it off your “to do” list ASAP.

*If you’re the last person to use the ice buckets or water gallon. Refill it. Make it a rule.

*Reuse leftover food or use what you can for compost.  Since I live alone, If I make extra food I save it for the next day. and put the portions of food on a plate to have it ready to heat up and eat immediately.

*Recycle. Do your part in saving the planet.

I think this is preety much everything I do. If I think of anything else, i’ll share it with you guys. Thursday and Friday are the same as today and then on Saturday I might do a house project or deep cleaning. I hope you’ve enjoyed this organization tips and I hope you can do them as well. Enjoy the rest of your week!


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