What is happiness? Is it something we find in ourselves, in others, in things?

I want to be truly happy for once.  It seems that nothing is never enough.  Why is this? Why cant we be truly happy with what we’ve got?

What makes me feel happy? Some things are:

  • going to bed without having to set the alarm clock
  • my bed with soft, cleaned sheets
  • A nice big breakfast in the morning
  • Getting a massage
  • Laughing so much I forget I was sad
  • Chocolate cake or cookies with a glass of milk
  • Driving to nowhere with good music playing
  • Shopping
  • Touching the grass with bare feet
  • That things go well with no complications
  • I have more than I deserve

Some days I’ feel good and others I feel like shit. I wish I could change that. I wish I could change things; and I can but I don’t. Seriously WTF is wrong with me?



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