Hello Everyone!

Welcome to an online diary; a personal chronological log of thoughts reflecting the personality of me, the author.




In a couple of days 2018 will arrive. I have very high hopes for this new year and I really want it to be a happy new year. I can’t wait for the wonderful things I know the Lord has for me. New job opportunities, new dreams, new experiences, travels, and enjoying each day as if it was my last.

I’m hungry for success, for new things and I’m hungry for peace of mind. I feel anxious as I write this because I know amazing things will happen this year; I can feel it deep down and I can’t wait.

What is to be 30?

I recently turned 30 and have realized that some things in my life have changed like habits or likes and dislikes or I understand life a little more. These are:

The ones that are not there, don’t matter at all. They are the in the past, they are gone. What matters is what is happening now and who is by your side. Keep going forward.

I want a job that makes me happy; and although I need the money to survive, I rather have a crappy income and be happy at work, than work my ass off and be sour just to earn some extra bucks. My peace of mind is more important.
I don’t crave sugar so much anymore.

I don’t have a boyfriend, I have a partner. Someone that backs me up and supports me. Is with me in good times and bad times and we look forward to the future together.

I’m strong, more than I think and I can survive this life.
I would like to have more material things, but if I can’t, I won’t get mad because in the end I can’t take it to my grave.

I’ve come a long way. This is the youngest I’ll be and the oldest I’ll ever get.

Here comes round 2


And let the fight begin….

Round 2: Hurricane Maria; yes another one.


So last week we got our electricity back due to Hurricane Irma and it’s aftermath, and tomorrow (Tuesday) we are getting the visit of another hurricane called Maria.

Are you kidding me? There are still people in the island getting over the devastation Irma caused and now they gotta get ready for another.  Still electricity hasn’t come to some places and there are still trees fallen on the ground.  People are making wonders with what little money they have left.  Honestly at this point, I’m not even getting bothered to think about Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I can’t think about wasting more money on unnecessary stuff.  And not to mention I have a trip coming in December and my credit card is halfway it’s max.  I’m so fudged…

All this weekend I was preparing again with supplies, I’m already thinking I might become an expert in hurricane survival.  Although it helps that I live far for the water and I live in a concrete house which save me from having my room flying away with the winds, but where I live it’s pretty safe.

Hope nothing bad happens again.  Last time we just had fallen trees in my area but everyone was safe.   May God be with us again.

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Not strong enough


If there was a zombie apocalypse, I wouldn’t last a week without getting eaten; and if I did, I would die of hunger or thirst because I would not go outside to get food in order to avoid getting bitten.

I had such a hard time this past week after hurricane Irma, I cannot find where to begin.  First the lights went out hours before the hurricane arrived.  Luckily I was prepared with flashlights, candles, and matches for this matter.

Water kept working which was helpful.  I was able to wash the dishes, clothes by hand and keep the house clean.  I had no internet or cable service and I was find with this.  I took this time to write my thoughts, use coloring books and listen to a battery radio.

For the first 2 days I ate Chef Boyardee, ham and cheese sandwich, some rice I had left over with chicken and to finish de dairy products, I had cereal.  Then I found a mini gas stove which helped me to heat up some food: more Chef Boyardee, more sandwiches to finish up the cold items and pancakes.  I ate some food outside in a cafeteria nearby to get a break and relax a little.

I managed to keep my phone’s battery between 80% and 100% by setting it on ultra battery saving mode and just had it in hand for emergency calls or texts.  No Facebook or Instagram for me that week, at least until electricity came back.  I had to charge my phone at work the days I was on shift and in the car or at friends’ house.

But the most challenging thing was ICE.  Ice, ice baby.  Oh my God. I was fine for the first 2 days and then panic set in.  Ice machines all over town were empty, markets, stores, gas stations had all sold out of ice and the only option was to travel like 30 minutes or more to other towns.  Ice was no where to be found except for those that gad generators.


I decided to give up on ice and give up on my grocery and drink tap water as it was: WARM.   I feel so ashamed of myself because I know people live like this everyday and I can’t even stand being a week like this without electricity, a fridge and a fan to cool off; me and many others.


Talking about fan, just as I was writing this, my neighbor decided to pass me an extension chord from his generator so I could plug in a fan to sleep for the night.  Hallelujah!  So that night  I’ slept comfy in the living room (that’s how far the chord reached) but it will be better than having another sleepless night because of the heat.  The night before, a friend offered me to stay at her house since the electricity had been re-established in her community, and me being so dumb decided to stay home becase I tough the electricity would come back during the night: ERRR big mistake.  That night was the most hottest night ever!!!!  and no electricity still.


Electricity did came back the day after and I was so happy.  I felt normal again; part of a civilization.  Being without electricity makes you think back to the stone age, where human raze had to fight for survival and were starting to learn about fire and all that crap, I felt like that.  We’re so used to the commodities of this life that for some of us it’s not easy to keep up with survival skills.


I think I did pretty well considering the fact that I was on my own and had no family with me at home, but others might think different; I don’t care.


Thanks to the people that helped me in one way or the other without me asking for it.  I hate asking for help but the Lord touched their hearts thankfully!

P.S. my prayers go out to those struck by hurricane Harvey and Irma

Today and Tomorrow

We make so many plans for the week, future, tomorrow, next week, next months and next year without knowing if we’ll be alive.

Hurricane Irma has made me remember that we know of today but not tomorrow.  In our hectic lives, we’re always planning activities and things, and at the end it doesn’t really matter because anything can get in the way and destroy your plans, for better or worse, it destroys them.

We should live day by day while being prepared for anything.  We shouldn’t be so focused or obsessed in what we want to do or in material things.  If we lose something and of course, enjoy each day ad it could be our last.


This life…


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As I sit and wait for a cake to be done in the oven, I look outside the windows of my home and ask myself: Why is this life so complicated?

Everyday we wake up early, get ready for work, try to do our best with our co-workers, we try to have some free time to enjoy the company of our friends, we have to clean the house, we have to fix something, we have to meet up with someone, we have, we have, we have!!!

I wonder if it was easier in the past where nothing existed; just us and nature.  Waking up early to go and take care of the crops, the animals, the farm… I don’t know, something like that.  Why did things have to change?  Couldn’t they stay like the times of Adam and Eve?  Just them with paradise.  What happened with our paradise?

It got filled with technology, science, creations and all that bullshit that made life so complicated and hectic.  I really would like to live in that era where everything is simple. A life where we all love and care for each other, a life filled with piece.  A life where we take care of our lands because it’s the only home we’ve got and it’s the only thing we can eat from.  Take care and love our animals; small and big, scary or not, because even though we can eat them, it doesn’t mean we can hurt them.  God is probably ashamed of what we’ve done with everything.  How we’ve exploited this planet and gift to us.  What a tragedy we are.

I wish it was that simple…I truly wish.


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So I just realized I love making lists.  With them I feel organized and like nothing will slip my mind.  I kind of forget stuff and if I don’t write them down at the moment I think about them, I will forget it forever lol. So I find myself making lists for every aspect of my life.

Recently I got a notebook just for lists specially to do things or ideas I get while falling asleep.  Also if my day is full of activities I make a list the night before of everything I have to do and in order of time and place; I even make my grocery list and organize it into sections of the store.  I am now making a list of places I want to visit.  You’re welcome to share your lists with me.  Enjoy!

Places I want to visit:

Tokyo, Japan

Montana, USA

Napa Valley, California, USA

See the Aurora Borealis


Machinack Island, Michigan

To be continued…


Things I would do if I won the lottery or have enough money:

*Have my own Bed and breakfast or home organizing business

*Build a house with pool and other fun amenities

*Renovate my present home and rent to others or keep it for backup


*Save for retirement

*Save for emergencies or other unexpected events

*Buy whatever I need or want

*Make Donations/ Gifts

*Pay Bills

*Pimp/fix my car (I love it) or buy a new one

To be continued…

I’m really getting old

I’m 29 and a half and I just realized I’m really getting old.

And I say this not just because of my age, but because of my age, but because I’ve noticed that I’ve started doing some things lately which I didn’t do before at young age.

These are:

* Going to bed early:  Now every night I get sleepy around 10, so most of the time I’m in bed by 10:30p.m.  Before, I used to go to bed around 12.

*Wake up early:  Because I go to bed early, I wake up early.  Even if I try to stay in bed and get sleepy again, I’m always up by 9:00 a.m. on days off.  I could get a nap later in the afternoon if I feel tired.

*Breakfast:  I like to sit down and eat my breakfast calmly.  I enjoy making myself a nice breakfast with coffee, oats and eggs.  I savor the food and enjoy that “me” time.

*I’v started doing word puzzles:  Don’t go watch tv or play with the phone, but instead I do word puzzles; a page daily.  I also enjoy silence and tranquility.  Most of the time I have the tv turned on but it’s on mute while I do something else.

*Blogs:  I’ve been writing blogs.  I enjoy writing in the computer and writing everything I have in mind, which I often think about before going to bed.

*I enjoy cleaning the house and having it in order:  There’s nothing more satisfying to me that to have a clean home and everything is organized.  Not too much clutter and everything has a place.

*Clean eating:  Recently I’ve decided to lose weight and watch my health, so I’ve cut back on junk food or fast food.  I’m trying to drink more water and have a cup of green tea before going to bed, and eating more veggies and eliminating carbs.

To be continued…

How I organize my life based on daily routines


So I like to be organized and have everything around me in order. That’s why I’ve kind of established some daily routines to go by and keep up with everything or almost everything at home. I’m writing down these routines the way they fit my lifestyle and work schedules; you can always modify to fit your lifestyle as well. I hope these tips can help you get organized as well. Keep reading if you’re interested.

Sunday: Getting ready for another week

I usually work on Sundays and get out around noon. As soon as I get out or after visiting a family member or getting lunch, I head straight to the supermarket. I like to go to the supermarket on this day because by the time I arrive at the store, people are still waking up at home and it’s not too crowded.

You can assign a grocery shopping day and try to get everything you need on that day or if you need to shop for personal items such as clothes, go for that first and then get your groceries.

I park next to the cart storage in the middle of the parking lot so that when I’m done putting away my groceries in my car I leave the cart right next to me literally for the employees to get them later. I have to walk a little back and forth but It’s worth it.

I also have my grocery list ready a week in advanced because daily I write down whatever I need or run out of. So I have my list ready with me and I’ve also divided the list into sections. If you know by memory where each item in the store is, dividing them into sections helps you get them quicker. I divide my grocery list into 4 sections: a. fruits, veggies and meats. b. center isles c. cleaning products/personal hygiene d. eggs, ham, cheese, milk, bread.

NOTE: This of course is the way my supermarket is organized and I already know in what order the stuff I need is. This helps me get the items quicker and get exactly what I need and not go over budget which is min $40 and max $60 per week. I you make a weekly menu, you only get the items you need for those meals and some extra things that are always a must to have.

While I’m shopping, in the cart I have 3 collapsible boxes(you can find them at Wal-Mart for around $5.00 each) and I put items together using one box for soft or fragile products such as the eggs, cereal or bread, another box for more heavy items like mason jars, cans, boxes, and another box for the fruits and veggies. As for the cold items like milk, meats, ham and cheese I leave them in a corner of the cart and place them in a reusable bag later. .By now you may think I have OCD but trust me it helps a lot. NOTE: supermarkets where I live are implementing reusable bags now and are trying to get rid of plastic bags.

While the cashier is scanning the items, I’m already on the other side, packing things up quickly. Same way they went into the boxes, same way I put them back in. I pay and I’m out.

When I get home, I unpack the items and put them away; fold my collapsible boxes and put them back in my car next time I go out of the house.

If I bought meat, I take them out of the package and portion them for use later in the week. I use little sandwich bags that fold on the top or zip lock bags and I store them in the freezer. You can leave meats in the fridge to defrost 24 hours before meal prep.

Clean the fridge and freezer on Saturday, organize it, throw stuff away or leave the leftovers for Sunday’s lunch or dinner; organize the pantry and that way you just put the items in and that’s it. Remember FIFO: first in, first out. Rotate items.

If I get fresh bananas, kiwi and strawberries, I cut them in small pieces and place them in bags and store them in freezer to use them later for smoothies. Doing these things immediately saves you time later and you get out of this “chore” quickly.

Coming up next…. Organize your Monday.

Monday Routine


Monday Routine

On Monday’s I have to be up by 5 am and out of the house by 6:30 to get to my job at 7. If I wake up late or by 6 I have my clothes picked out from the night before and the only thing I have to do is take a quick shower, get dressed and head out. If I’m taking lunch with me or a snack, I leave it ready the night before as well in the fridge to grab it in the morning. If I have to take anything else with me, I write down a note and leave it on top of my purse so I see it first thing before leaving.

I also take out the kitchen trash with me if there’s any. Monday is also my laundry day so when I get home, the first thing I do is feed the dogs and then drop the clothes in the washing machine and hang it later. You can hang your towels to air dry after every shower and this makes it possible for you to reuse them for at least 3 days or even a week. It helps to eliminate having piles of towels to wash; you just have to get used to doing the same things all the time.

I mention air drying clothes because I don’t have a dryer and also it’s a cheap way to dry your clothes out in the sun and save money on the electric bill.

Monday is my “refresh” day and this is because I change my bed sheets, take out all the trash, change towels, clean the bathrooms and do a quick sweep. I sweep the backyard terrace everyday to keep it clear of leaves or dirt. I might do deep cleaning later in the week depending on what needs attention.

So Remember:

*Have your school or work clothes ready for the next day. Figure out what you want to wear or what you need for the day.

*Set aside lunch or snacks in to-go containers or zip lock bags to grab in the morning.

*Write notes and leave it on top of purse or backpack to remember things. Don’t put them on the fridge with a magnet, cause if you’re running late and forget to walk to the fridge, you’re going to forget your list. Trust me. I forget.

*If you can, stay in your work clothes or school clothes and try to do some chores like feeding pets or starting the laundry or dinner before you get comfy and start feeling lazy. For me, staying in my work clothes keeps me active.

*Hang clothes in the sun so you can save on electricity.

*Establish a laundry day along with “refresh day”:

A) Change towels, bed sheets

B) You can take out the trash once a week. kitchen trash everyday if necessary. Clean bathrooms once a week or every 3 days.

C)Sweep, mop, or vacuum. You can sweep everyday to keep the floor looking clean.

D) Dust furniture, artwork, ceiling light fixtures, ceiling fans, window frames, door frames…basically anything that gets dust on it.

E) Refill/replace items. This for me would be charging my laptop or my tablet while I do my chores, replacing my flowers, refilling my Qtip mason jar or cotton balls mason jar, etc.

NOTE: All of this is from a single person perspective. If you’re married and have children that’s another story. You can establish the same organization habits. Just prepare everybody’s lunch or snacks all together as well as clothes for school or daycare; and refresh the kids’ room.